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Hong Kong National Scrabble Championship 2019

Division B Round 1 Standings

RankWon-LostSpreadPlayerLast GameNext Game
11–0+376Ho, Cheuk Hei Billy (B17)2W:524-148:B401st vs. B35 @25
21–0+263Tsoi, Yin Ian (B14)1W:504-241:B312nd vs. B32 @22
31–0+243Heung, Tsz Fung (B2)2W:485-242:B221st vs. B21 @10
41–0+223Ho, Fai Yeung (B20)2W:259-36:B351st vs. B23 @27
51–0+212Wong, Chun Ki (B1)2W:418-206:B211st vs. B22 @9
61–0+201Choy, Tsun Hin (B3)2W:422-221:B231st vs. B26 @11
71–0+143Pang, Shing Wai (B6)2W:410-267:B261st vs. B27 @14
81–0+119Pang, Sky (B11)2W:343-224:B331st vs. B39 @19
91–0+117Chan, Yik Man (B12)1W:387-270:B382nd vs. B31 @20
101–0+111Chan, Hiu Cheung Rex (B10)2W:382-271:B361st vs. B33 @18
111–0+104Kwok, Ka Ming (B7)2W:405-301:B271st vs. B30 @15
121–0+83Hong, Jiaen (B8)1W:366-283:B292nd vs. B38 @16
131–0+82Ho, Nga Lai Jane (B37)1W:331-249:B152nd vs. B13 @21
141–0+59Chan, Anne (B13)2W:325-266:B391st vs. B37 @21
141–0+59Sze, Chun Yan (B30)1W:311-252:B92nd vs. B7 @15
161–0+46Fung, Wang Yin (B24)2W:395-349:B41st vs. B5 @13
171–0+31Lee, Chor Chi Henry (B5)1W:343-312:B252nd vs. B24 @13
181–0+26Yeung, Kit Hoi (B19)1W:317-291:B342nd vs. B29 @26
191–0+7Chan, Pak Hei (B16)1W:230-223:B322nd vs. B34 @24
200–1−7Lam, Ying Chu Charles (B32)2L:223-230:B161st vs. B14 @22
210–1−26Fong, Ka Ying Emma (B34)2L:291-317:B191st vs. B16 @24
220–1−31Corey, Ga Cun (B25)2L:312-343:B51st vs. B4 @12
230–1−46Kwok, Ka Lun (B4)1L:349-395:B242nd vs. B25 @12
240–1−59Hong, Yik Shing (B9)2L:252-311:B301st vs. B36 @17
240–1−59Leung, Rochelle (B39)1L:266-325:B132nd vs. B11 @19
260–1−82Wong, Ching Chung (B15)2L:249-331:B371st vs. B40 @23
270–1−83Lam, Pui Wai Matthew (B29)2L:283-366:B81st vs. B19 @26
280–1−104Pang, Tin Yuet (B27)1L:301-405:B72nd vs. B6 @14
290–1−111Lam, Hollis (B36)1L:271-382:B102nd vs. B9 @17
300–1−117Cheung, Matthew (B38)2L:270-387:B121st vs. B8 @16
310–1−119Corey, Ga Yue (B33)1L:224-343:B112nd vs. B10 @18
320–1−143Lou, Yuen Ching (B26)1L:267-410:B62nd vs. B3 @11
330–1−201Law, Tsz To (B23)1L:221-422:B32nd vs. B20 @27
340–1−212Lau, Tai Ka Tiger (B21)1L:206-418:B12nd vs. B2 @10
350–1−223Fung, Ka Kuen (B35)1L:36-259:B202nd vs. B17 @25
360–1−243Chow, Lok Hei (B22)1L:242-485:B22nd vs. B1 @9
370–1−263Leung, Ngo Yin Arkin (B31)2L:241-504:B141st vs. B12 @20
380–1−376Choi, Veronica (B40)1L:148-524:B172nd vs. B15 @23

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